Cci small pistol primers in stock

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cci primers #400 small rifle $ 38.00 read more; cci primers #500 small pistol $ 36.00 read more; alliant powder unique 1lb $ 20.00 read more; winchester primers small pistol magnum winchester primers small rifle

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Content tagged with CCI Primers. Powder Valley also has large rifle primers in stock at good prices. (As a note of interest, small pistol primers are .017″ thick and large pistol primers are .020″ thick.) Other cases that use the small rifle primer can use the above primers only if moderate loads are used.

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Shop for Best Price Ufdc Ufl Edu And Cci 500 Small Pistol Primers 1000 Powder Valley . Mar 17, 2014 · CCI Primers. BL3899 #41 5.56mm NATO, 1000 ct. BL3903 #200 Std Large Rifle, 1000 ct. BL3904 #300 Std Large Pistol, 1000 ct. BL3905 #400 Std Small Rifle, 1000 ct. BL3906 #500 Std Small Pistol, 1000 ct. BL3909 #450 Magnum Small Rifle, 1000 ct. BL3910 #550 Magnum Small Pistol, 1000 ct. BL3911 BR4 Small Rifle, 1000 ct.

Cci #500 Primers. Availability: Out of stock. Product Details. FEATURES. -CCI #500: For most standard loads in cases requiring small pistol primers. -Easier to seat than ever before. -Clean-burning initiator compound. -Improved sensitivity for "critical-need" loading. -1000/PACK. In stock In Stock Remove This Item. Clear All. CCI * 550 MAG SMALL PISTOL PRIMER, Item #18, 100/B ...CCI Primers use a clean-burning initiator compound, extending the time between primer pocket cleanings. They are designed to seat more easily and Without a primer, a cartridge is so much scrap metal. Richard Speer founded CCI to provide a steady source of component primers to reloaders.