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Sep 09, 2015 · Facepunch Studios are working on a Garry's Mod Sequel, studio founder Garry Newman told PCGamesN in a recent interview - but don't you dare call it Garry's Mod 2.

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Gmod Cartoon Dog Snpc Аддоны на: Source FilmMaker\Garry's mod. Участники 1 508. Глеб .

facepunch sfm models, Zeno Clash (gmod model pack) That's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sheer amount of models you can use in SFM, that list didn't even include any valve games. Of course you mentioned models from non-source engine games, garrysmod.org is where I get most of those types of models. Some of the community have started a new forum to host the Facepunch Refugees - if you need a new home please give them a visit. It's not lost on me that this forum has been a part of people's lives for nearly 15 years. It's been a place where friendships have been made and personalities have been defined.