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Click on links below for Extra Practice with Identifying Types of Sentences. Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 3: Practice 4 Practice 5 Practice 6 . The Sentence Trail Game.

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Conscious practice of this strategy will soon see it become second nature and the student will quickly become skilled in identifying the main idea even when it is not stated explicitly. Conclusion To efficiently identify the main idea in a piece of writing, students should first determine what the topic of the text is.

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What is basic English sentence structure? Learn how sentences are made: subject, predicate, and maybe prepositional phrases or direct or indirect objects. Most English sentences begin with an actual subject. (That's one or more nouns or pronouns, sometimes with supporting adjectives).Topic sentences Exercise 1– Choose a topic sentence Look at the supporting sentences in these short paragraphs and choose the best topic sentence. (1) Mine is ten years old, and it is always breaking down when I need it. It costs a lot of money for repairs each year. Also, the heater doesn’t work any more, so it is cold in the winter.

Feb 24, 2017 - This worksheet asks that students read five different paragraphs and locate the topic sentences in each one by circling it. Great for 4th-6th grade students Welcome to IXL's secondary 3 English language page. Practise English language online with unlimited questions in 120 secondary 3 English language skills. -The topic sentence has a topic and main point. Then, three new paragraphs are presented. Learners choose the topic sentence supported by the detail sentences and conclusion sentence shown.