Japanese sword

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Japanese sword styles have gone through many changes in their design and functions. This blog will help you dig deep into different value and types of Japanese swords.

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These Japanese shin guntos / katanas, wakizashis, sabres, dirks and tantos in my collection are available for sale. I often have Japanese edged weapons on their way to me or undergoing refurbishment. So if you do not find the Japanese sword you are looking for here, do not be shy, just ask. JAPANESE SWORD (308) Katana (167) Tachi (21) Wakizashi (87) Tanto (58) S-LINE - Inexpensive and High Quality Swords (68) Katana,Tachi (28) Wakizashi (25) Tanto (15) ANOTHER SWORD (2) Yari (1) Naginata (1) TSUBA – Japanese sword mountings (258) SWORD EQUIPMENTS (146) Kougai (1) Menuki (69) Fuchigasira (20) Kozuka (59) Soroikanagu (16) KOSHIRAE ...

Wicked Swords specialize in handmade samurai swords and katanas. Our swords are handmade, battle ready, works of art for warriors and collectors.Japanese WWII swords are amongst the most copied/faked of all swords and prospective buyers should beware. This is a great and guaranteed genuine Japanese NCO’s Type 95 sword that was carried by a career soldier, a brave man who would not have considered surrender an option. Japanese Chef's Knife Imports|Frutus Co., Ltd. > Japanese Sword FUJIWARA KANEFUSA XXVI Born in 1978 as the eldest son of the FUJIWARA KANEFUSA XXV, whose family has more than 600 years of history as Japanese swordsmith.