Sine function calculator given amplitude and period

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frequency response function, we can calculate its magnitude and phase at the frequency of the sine wave input to the system and then, can immediately write It is possible to automate this procedure using a computer, if you have some way of controlling the amplitude and frequency of the sine wave...

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Notice that by changing the coefficient of the function, we control its scaling factor— a vertical stretch or vertical shrink of the basic sine curve. We call this the amplitude of the curve — the height of the curve above its axis of symmetry. The amplitude of y = a sin x ory = acosx is the largest value of y and is given by lal.

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Amplitude, frequency, wavenumber, and phase shift are properties of waves that govern their physical behavior. Each describes a separate parameter in the most general solution of the wave equation. Together, these properties account for a wide range of phenomena such as loudness, color, pitch, diffraction, and interference. Waves propagating in some physical quantity ... Then, graph the function and identify its period. Y — sin 4x Writing f(x) = a sin—x or f(x) = a cos} Explain 2 You can write the equation of a trigonometric function if you are given its graph. Write an equation for each graph. Because the graphk y-intercept is 0, the graph is a sine function. Since the maximum and minimum values are 2 and

The average of a cosine squared function over a period is one-half the maximum so in this case the average intensity is proportional to $\frac 12 \times 4A^2 = 2A^2$. So all that is happening is that the energy is being channel along preferred directions rather that travelling uniformly in all directions.