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Description: Singularity containers provide an application virtualization layer enabling mobility of compute via both application and environment portability. With Singularity one is capable of building a root file system that runs on any other Linux system where Singularity is installed.

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1. Use exec, for executing a command within container instead of run. Add the shell and the script as parameters. singularity exec /mn/sarpanitu/singularity/test/fenics-and-more.img /bin/sh Also, add the execution of parameter as a default runtime command in the runscript part. %runscript exec "[email protected]". Mar 11, 2020 · Here we see the first difference between Docker and Singularity: Docker images are stored off in the local image cache, and you’re expected to interact with them using the docker image command, e.g. docker image ls. In contrast, Singularity images are just normal files on your filesystem. Now that we have a SIF file, we can run it:

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Timings are presented for six different algorithms, run on both PostgreSQL (10.12) and MariaDB (10.3.23). Import of data into a database is a process that is amenable to application of a producer-consumer algorithm because the steps of reading data from the CSV file and writing data to the database may run at different speeds.

singularity run /mn/sarpanitu/singularity/test/fenics-and-more.img. I want to put everything as a bash script. My first (not working) approach is the following (all in a file)Open a terminal in the same directory and run the following command: docker build -t fsl_with_conda . Don’t forget about the dot at the end! It indicates the directory where Docker will look for a Dockerfile - in our case it’s the current working directory. This should build your image. You can run it like the previous one: