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BIQU SSS Super Spring Stalen Plaat Verwarmingsplatform 310 * 310 mm Pei 3d Printer Onderdelen met Zachte Magnetische Hot Bed Sticker 310x310m Geschikt voor Cr10/Cr10s Pro: Amazon.nl

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Jul 27, 2019 · :EDIT: OP Here. I ended up spending some time with one of the Tiny Machines developers and he figured it out for me. The issue was that the SD detect pin in the card reader wasn't working so the printer never knew if an SD card was in. I ended up getting a new system board and it works like a charm now! To test for yourself if this is what's happening to you you can use connect to your machine ...

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Firmware Download① 1.70.1 CR-10SPRO motherboard firmware.rar 1.70.1 CR-10SPRO screen firmware.rar Firmware Download② CR-10S ProV2_V1.70.0 BL Touch.rar CR-10S ProV2_SD Card Files_EN_V.2.2.rar Source Code CR-10S PRO LATEST SOURCE CODE

CR10S Pro Pausing the print at a certain layer height Im printing on a CR10S Pro and I can't find a way to pause the print at a certain height, to insert magnets into my print. Is there a way I can do this? Cr10s pro jerk settings. If you update your firmware, your EEPROM will overwrite any changes your firmware might have tried to make. Simple setup and firmware update included in our Unified Firmware to support the new LCDwell i had my jerk settings at 5 now they at 50 and i noticed a slight improvement.