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A/N: This is my first lemon fanfic… And feel free to leave a request. I only do human(female)xpokemon(male) pairings for now... I guess…

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Fanfics / Fanfictions Fanfic de todos os tipos. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs com a tag Fanfic. Essa é a minha primeira história, espero que gostem, e aproveitem a leitura, essa fanfic é sobre o nosso querido Hyunjin...aspiring chubby male Worm. .. Nice of him to write the T for Tim Allen for when she gets to meet him one day.

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Meno male che non gli abbiamo aperto la porta! (La Gazzetta dello Sport) Vogliono fare giornalismo ma non sono minimamente all'altezza. Piuttosto che vadano a lavorare, ragazzetti pidocchiosi! (Il Giornale) Ci hanno riempito di tagliandi per vincere il concorso come Gruppo dell'anno. Ma chi si credono di essere? (La Nuova Ferrara) Giovani ... YES, People Can Get Worms from Dogs — Roundworms, Hookworms, or Tapeworms. Yes, there are types of worms that infect your dog which are able to cause discomfort...

Crazy Fan. Shameless!!! If it weren't for our male leads best friend he wouldn't come and rescue that girl an snow she will take action when he is still sad for his friend and beat friend lost tch…btw I knew it!!!